The live music photography course starts again

As from spring 2019, the live photography course held at the Officine Fotografiche in via Libetta, 1 in Roma will start once again. This course, the only one of its kind also in terms of duration, has as its aim, the effective construction of a photo-story and a musical event, through the knowledge of instruments, stage dynamics, editing  as well as rules relating to its participation, circulation and promotion. This course proposes both lessons held in the classroom together with those of a more practical nature. The teacher, Luigi Orru, a photographer who has been working on the national music scene for several years now, will lead the course participants through the creation of images that are adequate for publication through natural distribution channels and their use, without overlooking the need to find their own personal style. The course participants must have basic knowledge of photo-shooting techniques as well as the operation of the photographic medium even though they are not professional photographers.

It is necessary to have a reflex or mirrorless camera.

  • Part 1: Live photography, past and present. Presentations and general introduction to the world of musical photography;
  • Part 2: Equipment (what to use, how and when). Situation analysis;
  • Part 3: The environment: the moment the image is captured (stage, lighting and rules of conduct);
  • Part 4: Editing and post-production;
  • Part 6: Practical exercises to be carried out during a live concert. Probable participation of the group at a concert of considerable importance at significant locations in the city;
  • Part 7: Analysis of practical exercises and conclusions.




More informations:

I am at your complete disposal for any further clarification you may require as regards the course programme, costs and for any other information you may need.