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Visual Diary: #7 from my archive

Digging in my Archives, talking about live music photography: Those are some shots of Mr Turner of Arctic Monkeys, taken in 2015. A great year.  
James Morrison live

Visual Diary: #5 – James Morrison live

I was listening to the radio today, while running to my studio in San Lorenzo. I heard some tracks from James Morrison’s new Album, and I had the flashback of the lie gig that I shoot in 2016. It was a nice festival, Just Music festival in Rome, and ...
Flying tio Sardinia

Visual Diary: #4 – flying to Sardinia

feb 10th 2022 Flying to Sardinia, suddenly. For a sad reason, but It’s always an emotion. A fantastic sunny and clean day. Flying over the island, with such a great light. Just some snapshot taken with my Iphone. Looking from the window the ...

Visual Diary: #2 – Cesare Cremonini

Feb 5th, 2022 I was watching yesterday to Sanremo, the italian music festival on TV. There was Cesare Cremonini, with a great gig live on stage.  Checking on my archive, I have images of 3 performances in 2012, 15 and 18. He is amazing, one of the most ...